Frequently asked questions
1) How Long does shipping usually take?
We Process the order the same day it is placed. In most cases the order goes out the next day and arrives to you within 3 business days, you can reach out to us for next day, or 2 day option shipping.
2) Do you accept returns?
We only do exchanges, email us about the exchange program.
3) Where are you located?
We are located in the USA
4) Do you have a store, or do you offer pickup?
Our sales are currently only online at the moment, we plan on opening a store sometime this year.
5) How long does it to for international shipping?
International shipping to Canada takes 5-7 business days, 10-15 days outside the US
6) Do any portions of proceeds go to charity?
Yes, for each order placed on a calender year, we will be donating towards Children with Autism, you can find the link below:
7) I cant find an item, how do I search?
Top right of the website you can search any product you choose
8) Do you offer discount codes?
Sign up for our email notification list, only few times a year we give out discount codes.
9) How often do you get new product?
We have very limited quantities, We carry 1-2 sizes per item.